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  1. Wanted
    Looking for an original cugir sar-1 in 7.62 asheville area. Will pay $1300 for one in good original condition with ammo.. Would also trade a pre norinco Type 56 spiker (holy grail GSAD) with $1200 boot your end. I will only be answering text messages. Txt info and photos to...
  2. Wanted
    I am in search of a Taurus PT-845. I had one years ago but sold it. It was an excellent shooter and would like to have one again. Any help would be appreciated. Open to trades and or cash deals. Local deals in NC only please.
  3. Wanted
    Looking for a Px4 in 45acp or 9mm let me know what you have. I will trade my 9mm xdm subcompact as well. Thanks
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a high caliber rifle for large game. Such as: 416 rigsby 458 win mag 458 Lott 460 weatherby mag thanks!
  5. Wanted
    The world is sold out. I know these things are cheap so a lot of people buy 5-10k at a time. Just hoping to find someone who has some spare they would be comfortable letting go of. Preferably in the triad area but willing to pay shipping deal dependent. Thanks for the look!
  6. Wanted
    Looking for a P95 with a blued slide. It was the first pistol I bought when I was 21 and was forced to sell in college so that I could buy groceries. I'd like another for sentimental reasons and figured now was the time since they are out of production. Not desperate for one but I'll pay a fair...
1-6 of 6 Results