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Discussion in 'Negative Feedback *ONLY*' started by toddje, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. toddje

    toddje Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2009
    Feb 3, 2014 - Ordered Holster and dual mag pouch from SentinelGear for P226R. $96 to my door (kinda steep, but what the heck, he's local, want to do business with local sponsors, etc)....

    Had to get him a mag since he didn't have one for a P226 (this comes back to the story later). Sat down and had lunch with him. Seemed everything was peachy.

    First (very minor) issue - he couldn't get some part/clip/whatever to make the mag pouches I had originally discussed with him so I agreed to accept a single mag pouch in it's stead. He refunds $5 and we move forward. Again, not a huge deal cuz I'm in this for the combo (although shooting a USPSA match with only one spare mag can be tricky)...

    We had set up a meet for me to pick up (since he's local) even though I had paid for shipping. No big deal, but then he ends up not being able to meet so he ships. Again, no really huge deal...

    I ultimately get holster #1 on 20 Feb, 2014.

    I PM him that VERY night with my first set of issues (too tight for my gun, lose rivet). He agrees to fix it, points out this isn't his normal brand of blue/orange gun or whatever... Ultimately, he agrees to send me a new one when I send him this one back. I ship it back. He doesn't get it. USPS shows it delivered, but he doesn't have it, I get it back a week later (it gets back to him, he has it now...) Again, no big deal - S**T happens when you involve the USPS sometimes, first holster doesn't fit, OK, I send him another PM pointing out that I'm getting shavings all over the rail from the holster. I'm trying to work it out, I think he was too - then...

    He sends me holster #2. I receive two holsters (the lost original and the second) on or about 3/6/14. NEW holster is just as tight as the first. It's just too dang tight for my gun *for whatever reason*... several forum members actually saw this in action at the range - me giving myself a wedgie trying to draw cuz I'm pulling up 5.11 belt, a pair of levis and the gun when I try to draw... I tell him that Sunday (2 days later) I'm sending them back. I send them back WITH the mag pouch. He gets them 3/11/14.

    Sentinel Gear is currently refusing to refund the mag pouch because it's been over 14 days since my original order. (He's also not refunding TWO shipping charges of $6each, though I only paid one of $5.05 on the receipt.) Well, the original holster got to me on 2/20/14, so it's not like it's THAT much longer, and the reason I still had the mag pouch was I was trying to work through it with him. (19 days past my very first receipt of product, about 5 since I got the second holster, and a lot of that of course spent in the mail.)

    I also have in this long string of PM's the (rest of) the staff are reviewing between the two of us documenting how I need to be using a good belt, am I drawing the gun straight up, etc. Tells me how much time and money he's got in this transaction already... Folks, I've owned a lot of holsters. I know how they work. I've also had DOZENS of transactions with folks around here, nary a problem. I counted up holsters from over 12 vendors I've bought, and never have i had one that just wouldn't let go of the gun when I got it.

    I'm left with no holster, he is threatening to send me a mag pouch back I don't want (because I've got no holster to match), he's still got $43 of my money, and NOW he's got someone with a P226R who says the holster works great. Well, had he used that gun (like he used my mag) we might not be in this place. I'm left with a gun that has scratches on the finish, it's over a month later and I still don't have a holster and I thought you all should know.

    From the website,"Additionally, we offer a 14 day trial period to try the holster out. If you find its not your thin, you can contact us for a hassle free return." Well, I certainly would expect that the time would be extended given that I was allowing him a chance to make me a satisfied customer and it wasn't that it's "not my thing" but more that "it didn't let go of my gun." But I guess not.

    I've given him every opportunity to simply refund my money and move on. Since he has gone silent in PM's here on the forum and has escalated my request for refund on Pay Pal, I felt it was time to air it out.
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  2. Silver_Bullet

    Silver_Bullet Staff

    May 12, 2012
    SC / NC State Line (Eastern Carolina)
    SentinelGear, you may post your side in this thread, and or contact the forum administrator, since this involves a staff member as a party.

    You may forward your pm' s for comparison review to staff by reporting them, or pming a staff member. Pm me if you need further assistance or contact info.

    Thanks, SB
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  3. SentinelGear

    SentinelGear Registered Member

    Mar 12, 2013
    A, A
    You will have to forgive the lack of communication. I am a one man, part time "business" with a demanding full time job - currently transitioning to an even more demanding career that will probably have me out of kydex anyway. I have enjoyed the members and posts on this forum for a little while now and would like to continue to do so.

    Todd, I've apologized repeatedly for this. I've really gone out of my way on this transaction wish it didn't up coming to an "air out" session on the internet.

    A holster and double mag carrier were ordered via my site in early February. I'm sorry you felt the prices "were steep." The prices are comparable to the bulk of kydex benders out there. You made a comment when we met the first time how you felt you were overpaying for "just pieces of plastic." You're not. You are paying for someones time in a very labor intensive process. Handmade commodities aren't always cheap and I don't work for free. I'm a busy guy and I value my time.

    Regarding the mag pouch. You told me over email you wanted a mag pouch for the Sig even though I don't stock them on my site. You agreed to bring the mags so I could make the double carrier, yet only brought one. I explained to you how I actually needed two mags to mold the double carrier and you seemed to not want/be able to. So, I offered to make you two, totally custom OWB mag carriers. A design I'm not selling at the moment because the clip I use has been (and remains) unavailable from Index Fasteners INC, one of my suppliers. The two carriers are worth $20 more total than you payed for the double pancake carrier, I didn't tell you that and was 100% willing to cut you another discount.

    I ordered the clips, only to see they were backordered (and remain so today.) I wrote you back explaining the situation and gave you three options. A complete refund, a partial refund and a single carrier, or a double carrier (what you actually ordered) if you got me a second mag. You chose the single carrier.

    Despite being busy with life/my real job/the snow storm, I rushed your order and sent it out to you. You emailed after getting it saying it was too tight. No big deal, I asked you a few questions IE proper gun belt, etc, not to insult you on insinuate blame but because troubleshooting is easier than a return/exchange. I had someone want a return for the right handed IWB I made them because they thought it was a left handed OWB. Sometimes a few questions don't hurt. No reason to take insult. When you call AAA after your car breaks down, one of the first things they ask is it the car has gas in it. You get me?

    I told you to send it back and I'd make you another ASAP. I never got the original back in the mail, and after you inquired I still mailed the replacement. At this point, you've had the mag carrier for a little awhile and haven't complained about it.

    I get another message from you saying the new holster is too tight also. At this point I am confused. I tested both out prior to shipment, and I KNOW the second one was good to go, so I asked someone questions. I okay you to send it back.

    At this point, you have had the mag carrier for over the 14 day trial period with no complaint. I assume its fine. The package shows up to me and I see the carriers back.

    Still pretty confused, I call a co worker and ask him to bring his Sig to work. Yes, I know someone with a 226. No, I don't ask coworkers to borrow guns to make holsters and wouldn't still. We test fit the holsters. The first is a little more snug than the second, but still serviceable. The second is fine. And there is nothing wrong with mag pouch, even admitted by you.

    I explain to you how the mag pouch is non refundable as you didn't complain of a problem with it and you've had it more than 2 weeks. Yes, I deducted shipping again for it as I have to drive back to the post office, package and mail it back to you. I didn't "threaten" to send it back, I explained my return policy. Retail establishments have return policies - that's just the way it is. In this case, the hours of labor I don't get back and the cash for materials I don't either. I'm not REI, (and even they changed their policy recently...)

    I didn't go silent, I've been communicative the entire time. This is the second time I wrote this post, I tried to PM you again but after I clicked send it signed me out for some reason. I work 6-7 days a week, train 5 days a week, and try to maintain a life on top it. I have an insane amount of time wrapped up in this and feel I've been pretty generous about it.

    Now there is a paypal claim against me, in a category that isn't even applicable in this situation. (Item significantly not as described?) I refunded the holster already, the claim is for a mag pouch you've had longer than my trial period allows and are expecting a rewrite on my company return policy on because you aren't happy. I'm sorry you're so pissed dude.

    I don't know what else to say here. Sorry guys.
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