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NC 1901 Lefever G grade 12ga ejector project $250

Discussion in 'Long Guns for Sale' started by Type44, Oct 23, 2020.

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    Jan 28, 2008
    Durham, NC
    1901 Lefever G grade 12ga
    30” damascus barrel w/ exceptional bores
    Full/Full chokes
    2.5” chamber
    Nice wood, some figure, but needing two small repairs, and a new finish
    Needs one ejector spring replaced
    Barrel needs front and mid beads installed
    Barrels ring and are solid bit would look better refinished to expose the pattern
    Strong checkering on the wrist, worn checkering on the forend
    Factory buttplate and grip cap
    Barrel and action are tight on the face

    I've shot it. It shoots dandy as-is. Currently set up as a regular extractor gun. The stock is strong, it's just missing two slivers in the lower ears.

    Great cowboy action candidate.

    $250 FTF around Raleigh/Durham. Spend a little time on it and it will be a $1000 gun. I am happy to guide through the process to complete reconditioning, or buy the gun and contract me to do it.

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