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1972 AM General M813A1 Cargo Truck

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Short version:

To put it plainly, this truck is a bucket full of awesome sauce. If you want to win at the game of life - this is the truck for you. So much winning - HUGE WINNING.

Long version:

Lets be honest - we all know that loud mouth {Ford/Chevy/Dodge} guy at work who is always talking about how his truck is better than every other thing under the sun. Tomorrow you can show up in this massive manliness machine. Park next to him so all can see how small his little toy is and he will weep softly into his pillow every night from now forward. This is a REAL diesel truck. Rated to carry 10,000 lbs of cargo - off road - and twice that on the highway. The winch on the front is weighted to pull 20,000 lbs so if you do manage to get this thing stuck, it will pull itself out - We know the above mentioned nancy-boy's cute little truck ain't gonna get the job done. Did I mention it has aluminum troop seats so ~20 of your closest friends can sit comfortably in the back as you forge a trail through the woods to camp 'Wherever the hell I wanna to go because you can't stop my giant winning machine'? The truck runs off of diesel fuel, chewed up chunks of prius, or liberal tears. When you roll in this beast kids love you, women want to be with you and men want to be you.

Are you prepping for the zombie apocalypse? THIS IS YOUR RIDE! Imagine how many of those walking dead scum bags you could crush under the wheels of your rolling deliverer of death and destruction? Are you prepping for real? THIS IS YOUR RIDE! EMP Proof mechanical injection and no pcm means when everyone else is on foot, you'll be bugging out to your mountainside bunker in style - and you can haul all your beans, band-aids, and bullets along with you!

Now the serious details, as I know them:

This 5-ton military cargo truck was in government use through 2016 and maintained in excellent mechanical condition. It most recently saw service with the Fair Bluff NC Fire and Rescue unit (hence the high viz color and the light bar) - including rescue operations after hurricane Matthew where it performed flawlessly. If you search youtube for news clips from the Fair Bluff area during the flooding you'll actually see some news video with this truck in the background. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for me) a tree fell on it and damaged the hood, the grill and the front bumper. The insurance company didn't know how to source parts for something like this so they totaled it! This means it became available to the civilian market - aka me! I bought the truck and took it to a metal shop to have the hood/grill/bumper all straightened out with no problems.

I've put about 150 trouble free miles on it - it starts properly each time. Other than the metal work mentioned above, I replaced the batteries, installed a new winch shear pin (the winch works flawlessly), and reattached the power steering assist cylinder which had come loose. This unit does have the front winch, hard top, drop side bed and aluminum troop seats - all desirable features. It is powered by a 14 Liter Cummins NH250 Diesel power plant. The truck is a 6x6 with the front axle pulling on demand as needed. It is equipped with a Rockwell 2-speed transfer case and a Dana-Spicer 5-speed manual transmission. The bed is 14' long and the entire truck with winch is just shy of 27'. The tires are like new as pictured.

I've registered it as an antique to avoid having to get a CDL, but if you get your CDL you can use this truck in its full work capacity very easily. The odometer says 5467 miles and the gauge shows 305 hours of run time. If you know these trucks, you know those numbers can't be trusted since the gauges were changed without any documentation on a regular basis.

Here is a list of things I know that are wrong: The driver's seat needs new fabric, the air actuated wipers need a new line run to the driver's side, the low air buzzer doesn't work intermittently, the rear axle has a slow leak. Another note - the fire department removed the controller for the light bar/siren that is on the roof, so if you want them to work you'll have to wire it yourself.

So - why am I selling it? My wife is going back to school for the next three years and we are selling everything but the kitchen sink to be able to pay for school without incurring any debt…because debt is dumb - duh! Thanks for looking.


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Is there XM/Sirius Radio.........?
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Optional accessory that I'll gladly add for a nominal fee. You won't be able to hear it unless you pay for the mega speaker package though...
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Does it have a/c, ps, pw, pdl, cruise, and power brakes? Also, if i buy this as a daily driver, i have an assigned space in a parking garage. I hope it will fit...

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It has 2/50 A/C (2 windows down, 50mph), it actually does have p/s (no joke), do you have arm power?, I've never found the need for cruise control at speeds under 65 and since it isn't capable of that speed - no, and air over hydraulic power brakes so sure!. It'll fit, maybe only once, but it'll fit. The nav system does need an updated DVD and I'm just not willing to spring for the cost. Sorry.
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Now that's a monster, I wish I could afford it. Just out of curiosity, what kind of mileage does that thing get?
Just out of curiosity, what kind of mileage does that thing get?
This just popped into my mind.... 'If you need to ask, you can't afford it'.

Guess: 10-12mpg

Sorry for my total lack of response! It appears I have all notifications turned off. I think Rdinatal is being a bit generous. I'd guess ~8mpg. Thanks!
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