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What I have is a 1987 GMC 4x4 Sierra 3500 Ambulance. It was a surplus, Type I, rescue squad ambulance from here in the county I picked up for a project.

The truck only has 44,324 original miles on it, (VIN#: 1GDHV34N0HS508055) it is powered by the 454 cid gas burner, with a 3 speed 400 turbo transmission, DANA 60 front end, this thing is a tank!

I have converted this into a Hunting camp RV, It is all but done, it does need some minor trim work and a "Awesome" paint job, but....fully functional as I intended it. I have since bought a 1994 17' Prowler XT1 travel trailer for hunting camp, and rebuilt it to my needs and have lost interest in the Man-Bulance.

But back to the "beast" I went back and made some serious upgrades on the original stereo system....which was LAME (due to my buddies talkin smack about the original one I installed, I now understand this....but it cost me SERIOUS BUCKS!).

I have decided to list it on Ebay and see if I can move her down the road with a new owner, my loss your gain!

Here is some of the things I did since the beginning of the project.....

New White LED bulbs with 68 SMD LED's in all 10 of the overhead interior lights
Installed a Stainless Sink with Running water and a 10 gallon fresh water tank.
Installed a 3.3 Cu. Ft. Advent RV refrigerator (shore power only) and a 900 watt Emerson microwave. (The Fridge is on a 30 amp transfer switch backed up by a 1000 watt inverter so you can keep your food cold while not on shore power).
Modified a "hotel" PTAC A/C heatpump unit and rebuilt it in the O2 cylinder compartment, giving me a 1 ton heat pump with 1kw backup strip heat.
Installed a DSC, Envoy 433mhz, Wireless Alarm System controller
DSC SD15W-ULF Surface Mount Siren
DSC Wireless Mini Door/window contacts on the more important Doors
DSC WLS919-433NA Alarm Transmitter Remote (Keychain)
INTEX Pillow Rest Classic "Full" size Inflatable Airbed for the Fold out bed I installed.
Display Case/Sliding Glass locks on all of the compartments...(To keep your buddies out of your
I made a inside accessible closet and Installed white strip SMD LED's
I made a pedestal table out of the removed wood from the closet opening so it would match the wood grain pattern.
Has a 2 burner LP gas stove with a 12 volt vented range hood.
The bench seat in the back folds out into a twin bed. (see the build pictures on the Pirate4x4 below)
Installed "Digital Blue" strip SMD LED's in all of the slide storage compartments
Honeywell 8000 series touchscreen thermostat for control of the heating and A/C system.

Now for The Stereo Upgrades.

Alpine KCE-200V Visual Video Splitter
Alpine Video Bypass module (Watch DVD Anytime)
Infinity REF1252W 12" Inch Dual Voice Coil 8 Ohm Subwoofer
Alpine MRP-M200 V-POWER*MONO-BLOCK Car Amplifier
5 JBL ARC SAT Satellite Surround Sound Speakers
Alpine MRAF350 5-channel Digital Theater car amplifier 50 watts RMS x 5
Alpine MRP-M450 Mono subwoofer amplifier 400 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
Infinity Reference 1052W 10" Subwoofer
Alpine IVA-W203 double DIN 6.5" touchscreen DVD/CD/ IPOD Player
Alpine KCE-400BT Parrot Bluetooth Interface....Probably the SWEETEST thing I have done....climb in and it syncs to your phone...and you make and receive calls over the stereo system!
Alpine HCE-C105 Rear View Camera
7 " Car Rearview Mirror Monitor (NOT ALPINE...cheaped out on that one)
Apple iPod 3rd Generation Nano 4GB Silver MP3 Player

Just some quick specs of the electronics/electrical additions so far

75 amp WFCO power converter for shore power hookups to power all 12V items while keeping your batteries charged.
WFCO 30 amp transfer switch for power INVERTER switching for refrigerator power.
Cobra 1000 watt remote controlled power inverter, for the mentioned appliances above
50 amp WFCO 12 circuit RV distribution/Breaker panel for the 120V items
8.9" mobile LCD video system with integrated power inverter for gaming system
Vizio 19" LED, LCD Wall mounted TV
Pyle PLD26 Mobile DVD player with USB and SD card slot ( Just installed for Deer Camera Cards and USB drives)
Motorola Spectra - 128 channel - 110 watt VHF mobile radio (in driver compartment for communicating with your hunting buddies!)

You can read and see the whole build project on here:

There is probably a LOT I forgot to mention about this build, but I assure you this thing is SWEET!



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Interested but would like to see price..

Silly question but how big is the bed?
Water hot and cold or just cold?(Id imagine just cold).

Any electric/engine problems? Thats an aweful lot of wiring.

Really amazing build!

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Maybe he changed his mind and wants to keep it.---oh, he is deer hunting out of his camper. Some things are more important--lol. Picked up a little RV on a one ton chassis--works good for no more than I use it. Has a heavy trailer hitch. Want to add a winch like his.

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The bed is roughly 12' long 8 ft wide and it has a full air mattress for it(Note it folds out and has braces as seen in the last picture.). Water is just cold but we have a gallon in a half hot water heater just not installed.

No electrical problem. Price looking around $3500 cash or At least $1000 cash and trade for items like MREs, Guns, Ammo, and other survival items but will consider all trades.
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