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Off to Greener Pastures
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This is an Ibanez 540S from 1991. It has the Hollywood neck plate. It is all original and I got it from the original owner who bought it and stuck it in the closet. I then stuck it in the closet! Been played very little. Plastic still on the truss rod cover!

It looks like a new old stock guitar! Never gigged, etc. CLEAN. YOU WILL NOT FIND ONE IN BETTER SHAPE! Gorgeous deep red with tiny flake. Pops under lights and in sunlight like a daisy and looks better then the photos.

This was made when the MIJ (and assembled in Hollywood) quality was tops! They don't make 'em like they used to, as they say. I could find one ding on the top, but it is tiny and won't photo. This double humbucker config was fairly rare. There are two dings on the neck back as the photos show.

Has original VERY high quality Ibanez case (hard to find these nowadays) and trem arm. This is a first class rock or metal guitar, and I have found it covers a lot of different tones nicely, with a push/pull pot for splitting the hums. It's set up with what I call "medium low" which is quite low (these can be set up very low) action with 10-42 strings. Plays and sounds like a dream. This was the inspiration for the Satch guitar and how can Joe be wrong??

I've gotten into guns and never play this guitar.

I'd like to trade this for a high quality full size 9MM. CZ75/85, Beretta 92, Glock 34 (maybe a 17), or something of that nature...

OR, interesting rimfires like a S&W 617 or sweet target pistol of some sort. Let me know what you have!!

If you got something neat, I'd certainly consider it and you can throw it out there. I am in Raleigh, NC.

I've seen lesser guitars go well north of 800.00 I think $550.00 OBO is a killer deal for this axe. Trade value similar. Thanks for looking fellas/ladies.

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