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I thought this was worth its own thread. The Belton Gun Club is hosting "The Bushwhack", the Single Action Shooting Society 2021 South Carolina State Championship Match, from Thursday April 8 through Saturday April 10, 2021. The match website is

State and Regional "big" matches usually follow this schedule: Thursdays are "side matches" that are optional. We will have a four stage Wild Bunch side match and a four stage Black Powder side match. There are other side matches and a warmup stage.

Friday and Saturday are the "main match stages", five on each day. These are representative of the type of shooting we enjoy at monthly matches, in which we use two revolvers, rifle and shotgun. Both days will also have a "Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley Challenge" (should be interesting) and head to head shootoffs (no, we don't shoot at one another, that is frowned upon).

There are other Western shooting sports in which wax bullets or blanks are used. In cowboy action shooting we use real ammunition (with lead bullets) on steel targets.

The big matches usually feature a vendor area with clothing and other gear available for sale.

If you have never seen a Cowboy match this is a good opportunity to see the game and the folks who shoot it. It's not limited to super fast shooters but will draw shooters of different ages and levels of ability. Never a charge for spectators and guests. We do require eye and ear protection be worn in the shooting areas.
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