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Star or MAB, others? looking for a small ladies older gun something she can put in purse, used, decent shape for older used gun, reasonable price. CCW holder near RDU, send pm pics and description, price to

If you can find one I had a Llama Especial in .380 that was basically a tiny little 1911 that was probably the sweetest shooting pocket gun I ever owned. Pointed like a finger, ran like a top. I only sold it because magazines were so hard to come by.

I carried a Taurus PT738 (.380) for several years and it was a solid little pocket gun with a long, soft but ultimately functional trigger. I have found a lot of ladies prefer the long lighter pull of the Taurus trigger over the heavy trigger of things like the LCR and Kel Tecs, but YMMV.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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