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45 ACP 230 GR. FMJ RN projectiles AVAILABLE!!!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I just dropped off .45 230 gr FMJ RN projectiles to Shooter's Supply/Pawn on Bragg Blvd. in Fayetteville. I dropped off 5,000 in 500 ct. quantities, so hurry, they won't last long!!!

If there are gun/pawn shops around you, ask them to carry our products. Chances are we are just down the road from them.

Thank you and Happy Shooting!

Cape Fear Arsenal, dba CFA
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Picked up a bag of 500 of them yesterday. Hope to get some loaded up and shot next week.
Fantastic and thank you! Please let them know that we had also posted to go there to purchase the items! Happy shooting!!

I just noticed you are from Georgia.. Did you drive up just to purchase those?
I told Greg after I noticed them that I had seen your post on CSC.

I change my location based on where I am, I live in Hope Mills, visiting family in Georgia.
Loaded 100 of them up on Monday with 4.4 gr of WST and chrono'ed them today. Out of two different 1911's, they were 40 fps slower than my normal loads. Loaded 100 more tonight with 4.7 gr of WST, hopefully that will put me at the PF I need. They are sufficiently accurate for my needs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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