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I would like to sell this checkering set I bought some time ago from Brownell's and never ended up using. I really romanticized the process in my head when I was getting the equipment together but once I saw some videos and actually had the stock in front of me it quickly dawned on me that I do not possess the patience or dexterity for such a craft. The set comes with a Dem-Bart Checkering Gauge, a Checker's rule and all the paperwork you see in the photo below. I am asking $200 for it. If interested, you can text me at 919-397-6458. Please DON'T call as I have been getting nothing but spam callers lately so I don't answer my phone anymore.

I will also throw in a couple reject gun stocks for checkering practice. I bought them from this link at the time

Rectangle Wood Font Packaging and labeling Box
Handwriting Font Material property Publication Art
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