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9mm SP101

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Please somebody buy this before I do....

$660 shipped, 3" 9mm SP101
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I'm going to stir the pot....what is it about semi auto chambered revolvers that gets people wound up? Is it just becuase they are unusual?
I got my 940 just for cheap ammo.
See years back I picked up some training ammo like 4000 rounds for 50$ or so.... Need I say I got cases....
It was made for german MP5 with a different bolt and spring. Was not able to make it work easy in the colt or others so I got a 940 to you it up.
It is great as I use a wheel gun and normal training done cheap......
I like some uncommon calibers like 41 mag and I've got a real soft spot for 16ga but these revolvers never did anything for me.
mostly it's because they're (somewhat) unusual.

HOWEVER.... a .45 ACP out of a 5" revolver is just pure joy. I don't know why, it just is.
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