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Yaaaay, I'm the first with a BST thread in here as well.

From front to back then left to right. Price includes shipping and I'm willing to give package deals.

1: ***Sold***Nylon sling with rubber pad - $12.00

2: ***Sold***Leather sling - $22.00

3: Leather sling with Camo Pad - $22.00

4: ***Sold***1st gen Night Vision Scope (Here's the deal on this. I paid over $200.00 for this from another member. I tested it and it worked fine. I never mounted it but I checked it last night and it is making a clicking noise (still works) but there is a small occasional white flash. I think it may just be the batteries, but I don't know for sure. Asking $100.00 for it and I am giving a 30 day refund offer on it. It doesn't work, get it back to me for a refund.

5: ***Sold*** wal-mart Special 4-16 scope with lighted reticle (bought this for my BP but didn't like it). Paid $40 it's yours for $22.00

6: 10/22 standard blued barrel less than 200 rounds - $37.00

7: 10/22 wood stock - great shape, drilled for a sling post (does not include the band or mounting screws - $27.00


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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