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ABCs of NFA Trust Creation

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    May 2, 2016
    NFA Trust creation...

    "Real gun trusts by real attorneys"

    First, I wanted to convey my appreciation to everyone on the this forum/website for the amazing southern hospitality and the courteous manner with which everyone treats one another! Thank you sincerely.


    1. >10 years experience drafting trusts;
    2. Zero BATFE rejection or delay;
    3. Customized to also comply with BOTH Federal and North Carolina law (often N.C. law is overlooked, but is very, very important);
    4. Properly plan to address transfer(s) of NFA items to heirs and beneficiaries;
    5. Adding trustees, beneficiaries and new NFA items to the trust;
    6. Unlimited answers regarding legal and logistical questions about the NFA trust and creation process for your unique circumstances;
    7. All communications are 100% secure and confidential;
    8. All trust document(s) are encrypted and stored in cutting-edge online account that may be securely accessed by the client anytime and any place with username and password protection;
    9. After trust is created, client receives step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the trust to obtain and maintain NFA items; and
    10. Receive ongoing legal advice on the above subjects even after trust has been created and used.

    *** Generic "fill-in-the-blank" trusts can very risky and often overlook hidden issues that may be relevant to your circumstances. Over the years, we have had numerous clients who have come to us after experiencing very bad results, delayed review by the ATF and even outright rejections of Form 4 applications using generic do-it-yourself "free" or very cheap online NFA trusts. If you choose to go that route, please be very (extremely) cautious.

    Prices are very reasonable, but do vary from time to time depending upon the level or complexity and/or number of people to be included as co-trustees, beneficiaries, etc. (we've had NFA trusts with as many as 28 co-trustees, and 11 beneficiaries--of course this takes quite a bit more time to draft and requires a little more time to obtain BATFE approval).

    Please check out the website above and make an informed decision. If you are interested in owning any NFA Items, I encourage you to get your NFA trust now.

    You certainly may contact me through the website or by direct email at [email protected] for privacy (my preference).

    Thank you again in advance!

    David Ennis, Esq.

    P.S. We have gained widespread support in related industries over the years, please view:

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