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AR500 in stock

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To my fellow CSC'ers....

I have some AR500 targets ready to ship....

If you live near Fayetteville, you can save $$$ and pick up at my shop in Stedman.

Here's some of what I have....

Gas Circle Bird Metal Window

6" x 1/2" "mouse ear" targets (looks similar to a Mickey Mouse silhouette) $40 each or 2 for $75

8" x 1/2" "mouse ear" targets $55 each or 2 for $100

10"x18"x3/8" head and shoulders silhouette $110 each or 2 for $200

I also have a 1/4" silhouette (rimfire and non-magnum handgun) $60 (I am out of 1/4", so it's just one for now)

8" x 3/8" gong targets $45 each, 2 for $80, 3 for $120

If you are wanting something not listed, email me what you are looking for and I will send back a quote.

I can ship mouse ears and gongs via USPS "if it fits it ships" up to 6- 3/8" and up to 3- 1/2" plates for $20. Silhouettes via UPS for $35 for 1, $50 for two

I prefer paypal or cash, and I am always interested in trades, especially for AR parts, uppers, lowers, etc.....

All of my targets are industrial grade AR500 steel, and 1/2" will handle most rifle calibers, especially beyond 250 yards. 50BMG and 338LM are kinda hard on ANY steel, but I do have customers with 50's and they say the targets they got from me are holding up just fine. One of them is in TX and he has them hanging at 300, 500, 1000, and 1500 yards and he rotates them occasionally and says the plates are showing zero fatigue.

3/8" AR500 will handle rimfire and non-magnum handguns, and even small rifle calibers (less than 2700fps) beyond 200 yards.

DO NOT engage ANY steel at less than 30 yards with a pistol.
DO NOT engage ANY steel at less than 100 yards with a rifle.
Purchaser assumes any and all liability associated with these products.
Always use eye and ear protection when shooting.
Shooters under 18 should be supervised by a competent, responsible adult.

PM me here or direct email at [email protected]

To see pictures of some of my other products visit my website, or find me on facebook at



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Go to my website and on the photos page, you will see my "quick rack". It uses 1/2" rebar for legs and crossbar, and it collapses. I have a customer in AZ that bought 5 of them with 8" mouse ears. He carries them in a box on his ATV, and carries the rebar in a pvc pipe. I ship the plates, chains, and stand pieces, and you get the rebar spikes at any lowe's or home depot.
I will send you three stand sets, and three 1/4" x 12" mouse ears for $200.00 shipped TYD. OR $75.00 each.
PM me here or email me
[email protected]
Sounds like a good deal..... will the 1/4" holdup for copper-washed .22 as well?

Also, Im usually hauling my stuff to the range in the cargo-friendly.... Mustang :-( (i know, sucks for shooting sports, but its fun to drive... I have to put the top down to get all my gear out (shooting cart, rifle bags, etc, etc) when I go to the 2-gun matches)
2 range bags, 4 rifle cases and Im just about full-up on gear- so I definitely need something that breaks down compactly....
Hmmm what about the quick rack and say a 6" gong. Probably need 3/8 since we are talking 54r and 223 mostly.
6" x 3/8" doesn't have enougj mass to effectively handle either of those until about 200 yards. And, for Mosin ammo, you really need 1/2". I'll sell you a QR and an 8" x 3/8" mouse ear for $120 shipped via USPS priority, or $100 ftf.

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Trying to keep the target fairly small... 1/2 or thicker is cool if needed. Just don't want to get any bigger than 6"
Okie doke... 6" $10 bucks less

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