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AR500 steel

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Here are some of my AR500 products...
Rectangle Tints and shades Font Composite material Metal
Rectangle Tints and shades Art Font Circle
Wood Automotive tire Material property Font Tints and shades
Helmet Astronomical object Tints and shades Personal protective equipment Circle
Wood Artifact Tints and shades Rectangle Font


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More Target stuff

And some more.....
Furniture Wood Floor Automotive design Flooring
Wood Flooring Gas Machine Human leg
Flooring Floor Exercise machine Wood Bumper
Floor Flooring Road surface Gas Composite material
Rectangle Floor Art Flooring Basketball hoop

I also build spinning stars, polish plate racks, and nearly any other type of target system. You can see a lot of my products on my Facebook page and my website. I offer discounts for LEO and clubs, and I have Paypal for payment and a quick turnaround time.

I have a long list of satisfied customers, and there are a bunch of them here on CSC and other forums....

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Here are a couple more new products.... The Tarheel Tree Hugger and the Tarheel T-poster. The T-poster is designed to mount a steel plate to the top of a standard t-post fence post with 4" spacing for the mounting holes. You can see the rebar welded inside to prvent it from spinning around when hit.
Gas Wood Street light Carmine Soil
Wood Gas Cylinder Plywood Carmine
Grass Rectangle Wood Groundcover Gas
Wood Grass Gas Tree Circle


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those look awesome, I got to shoot steel at a match recently for the first time. Its a lot more fun than paper! Your targets look great!
Gong rack with 10" x 18" x 1/2" AR500 silhouette are $350 each. $300 with 3/8". Rifle or pistol?

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Gong rack with 10" x 18" x 1/2" AR500 silhouette are $350 each. $300 with 3/8". Rifle or pistol?

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Shotgun actually
I would go the 1/2" option. It should handle any shot or slugs outside of 25 yards.
Great work. Looks really good.

I have some of this steel, some of my targets are pictured above.

I will tell you that the quality of steel used is GREAT. I have in the past bought (AR500) and it did not live up to the claim. Tarhill Targets steel is top rate!

It will last for YEARS

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