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So I just posted two listings on Armslist, each item was an AR muzzle device so no FFL or other legal service needed to do the transaction. Both are small in nature and can be shipped easily. . . so anyways immediately after posting I got a response from the same email address and didn't think much of it. So I replied to both saying I am the same person, and I received a response to each of my emails - so two emails from the "buyer" and this is what it said, both were the same. . . and it makes no sense! So if I am wrong someone call me out, otherwise stay safe out there.

Thanks for your response .I would like to proceed with the instant purchase immediately, Am ok with the condition and the price, I just got deployed from your area that's why i wont be able to come for the pick up in person , I am planning on leaving the US military soon so decided to start a little gun shop of mine to sell guns and ammo and decided to buy some online for re-selling purpose, i can get back to you with a copy of my FFL for verification. So let me know if you are ready to proceed in receiving the payment right away, it will be in form of a CERTIFIED CASHIER CHECK which will be mailed to you via USPS or UPS 2-3 working days delivery, I can organize for a local pick up at your location at your convenient time by my FFL holder once the check is cleared,So you don't need to ship if you don't want to. So please kindly get back to me with your details as requested below.

Name to be on check...................
Full address to receive the check..........
Mobile number........................
Final asking price .........

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It is so obvious that it is a scam, I wouldn't even bother replying to that. I receive those type of messages through Craigslist pretty regularly. I almost always have multiple items listed on Armslist and I can't recall the last time I got one through there. Why is this a possible Armslist fraud?

Usually, when people ask me to ship, I reply to inform them that I only use Armslist for local transactions, just as it was intended.

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I forgot to mention, I eventually tell them "Just send me your Paypal address, and I'll send you $200 if you'll just tell me WHY you scam people, instead of working?" Once they give me the info, I report it to paypal ([email protected]) and they get their account shut down. Creating a new PayPal account is a lot more work than just getting a new email address.

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I say string them along, let them send the fake money order, and when it shows up tell them you're keeping their funds. That always makes them mad. I have somewhere near $110k in bogus money orders in a drawer from scammers that I've collected since the late 90's.
This. I had $100k worth of bogus checks framed. Great conversation piece, especially the one in the middle made out to Brian Theasshole. Lost it when I got divorced.

It's obvious. The grammar is off. The punctuation is off. Their choice of words is off. English clearly isn't their first language. Other than scammers, who the **F** uses "kindly"?
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