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We wanted to say a quick thank you to Carolina Shooters Club for allowing us to become a sponsor and have a public forum on this page. These are pictures from our combined tactical rifle / tactical pistol training weekend from 11/23 and 11/24. In advance of our new range complex being finished, we will be running courses through the rest of the month. If you would like to train, or find out what we are all about, please feel free to call or text us at 919-478-1728, drop us a line here, or look us up online at Thanks for all your support!

Sky Cloud Plant community Plant Tree
Trousers Cargo pants Ballistic vest Military uniform Helmet
Trousers Cargo pants Luggage and bags Tree Hat
Jeans Trousers Tree Sky Luggage and bags
Trousers Cargo pants Plant Tree Military camouflage
Camouflage Military camouflage Cargo pants Goggles Sunglasses
Trousers Cargo pants Bedrock Formation Landscape
People in nature Slope Wood Bedrock Recreation
Camouflage Cargo pants Plant community Military camouflage Plant
Jeans Camouflage Military camouflage Glove Smile
Jeans People in nature Bedrock Slope Yellow
Face Camouflage Cargo pants Military camouflage Squad
Footwear Trousers Cargo pants Smile Camouflage

Smile Jeans Sleeve Happy Recreation
Camouflage Cargo pants Military camouflage Outerwear Marines
Ecoregion Slope Marines Landscape Recreation
Luggage and bags Outdoor recreation Bag Backpack Military uniform
Paintball Shooting range Tree Outdoor recreation Paintball marker
Camouflage Military camouflage Cargo pants Marines Air gun
Sky Plant community Air gun Machine gun Outdoor recreation
Plant Plant community Hat Mammal Tree
Camouflage Squad Cargo pants Military camouflage Ballistic vest


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Depends on the course, but typically between 150-200 per weapon.
Cool. I would like to take more classes, budget allowing of course...

Out of curiosity, and being an "ammo rich/cash poor" person at the moment, is there any discount for bringing your own ammo? Factory loaded stuff, no reloads.

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bigfelipe - Thanks for taking the time to look at our post and respond, I appreciate that. We currently don't have a discount or system set up for using your own ammo. However I would be willing to discuss with you if that was an issue for your training. We want make our training accessible to all while still being profitable. Thanks again.
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