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Baikal IZH 27 Range Report/Review

Discussion in 'Shotgun Forum' started by august1410, Jul 11, 2014.

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    Apr 7, 2010
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    I got out to the range this morning for a quick function test of the new shotgun. Unfortunately, it started raining shortly after I got there, so my range trip was only about 25 minutes.

    I took the shotgun and one box of the cheapie Winchester bird shot from Walmart.

    A brief report:

    The shotgun is comfortable. I believe it to be a youth model because of the shorter barrels and slightly shorter stock. That's not an issue, because I was able to keep a nice firm grip on the gun and get it shouldered and in position.

    Opening the action is stiff. The guy I got the gun from believed it had not been fired by it's original owner, and I am inclined to believe him. All in all, I would rather have a shotgun that is a little hard to open than one that is too easy.

    It does not have ejectors as some of the later models do. This is not an issue. I don't mind pulling out the shells. I don't like chasing after them, anyway.

    Double triggers. Rear trigger fires top barrel, front trigger fires bottom. I had figured it would be the other way around, but I'm no expert. Triggers are smooth and not gritty.

    The shotgun is very accurate and recoil is not heavy using the birdshot. I was able to shoot at leftover clays on the berm and hit them...and then hit them again with a quick followup shot.

    Recoil. While not heavy, the lack of a recoil pad makes it slightly stout. After about 25 rounds, I was feeling it. I did not shoot any buck shot rounds through the gun this morning, but I have a feeling they would be a little punishing without a recoil pad.

    The fit and finish of the gun is okay. It's a utility gun with some nicely finished walnut. It's not a Perazzi and never will be, but it does the job.

    Made in the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, it shares some of the "roughness" as its older cousin, the Mosin Nagant. Machined surfaces are a little coarse and the bluing is average...but like its cousin, it goes bang every time.

    Overall, it's not a bad shotgun. It's gonna be fine for what I want it for- target shooting and the occasional clay.


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