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BCM Recce with Extras - $2,000.00

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BCM Recce with 14.5 inch barral with Griffin Armament Taper Stealth Flash Hider, Noveske NSR Rail, Troy Battle Sights that are Noveske Marked, Surefire Mini Scout with SR107 Tape Switch, CMC Single Stage Trigger, Magpul Bad Lever, \US PATRIOT Range Bag, 3 x PMAGS

BCM Compete Rifle: $1500
Noveske NSR Rail: $200
Surefire Mini Scout: $240
SR107 Pressure Switch: $80
Griffin Arament Stealth Taper Flash Hider: $100
Frank Proctor Sling: $30
Magpul Bad Lever: $25
Troy Battle Sights: $150
CMC Single Stage 3.5 lb Trigger: $200
Range Bag: $80
3 x PAGS: $30

I have over $2600 into this thing. It has been my go to rifle, perfectly tuned and meticulously maintained (for it being a fighting rifle), havent had a single malfunction with it, even when shooting low quality ammo. PRICE IS FIRM
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Material property Machine gun
Musical instrument Machine gun Air gun Trigger Musical instrument accessory
Luggage and bags Bag Trigger Bumper Air gun
Air gun Machine gun Trigger Shotgun Gun accessory
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