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British-proofed WWI Colt Model 1903 .38 ACP Pocket Model Pistol

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    Model 1903 Pocket Hammer Automatic pistol No. 36253. It was 1 of 100 shipped to the London Armoury Company on April 13, 1915. Shown are the London commercial proofs on barrel and frame and the "J.J" marking on frame above trigger. According to Joe Poyer's Model 1911 book, the initials "JJ" are often found on the left front trigger guard of early, privately purchased commercial and some military W-prefixed pistols sold through Colt's London Agency and later, the London Armoury Company. The JJ may be the initials of James Joseph Goodbody, the then managing director of Colt's London Agency, or the initials of an inspector at Enfield Lock. This pistol was probably a British Officer's private purchase pistol and looks like it saw action in WWI (judging by its well-used condition). I've shot the pistol on several occasions and it performed flawlessly.

    1903a.JPG 1903b.JPG 1903c.JPG 1903d.JPG 1903e.JPG
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