I have a recently purchased (by me lol) 4.25” Python in excellent condition. I’ve fired a few cylinders through it but it’s not really my cup of tea, I’m more into single action revolvers. Looking to get $1395 cash out of it or I am open to trades +/- cash up or down depending on what you have. Trade value 1500. See pictures. Willing to meet within a 35 mile radius of Rocky Mount. NC CCW or Handgun PP required and a look at your matching driver’s license.

Trade Interests:
Lever actions in rifles, specifically modern pistol calibers, (though I do have a sweet spot for 32-20/25-20/218 Bee).

I’m always interested in revolvers of quality manufacture, Korth, Spohr, S&W (Pre-Lock), Colt, and Freedom Arms.

Also interested in centerfire falling block single shot rifles, and small bore center fire bolt actions. (22 Hornet, etc.)

Never really had a huge interest in shotguns.