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Cooper calls for tighter gun laws in NC

Discussion in 'Firearms News and Firearms related political news' started by Gnash.Hyena, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Gnash.Hyena

    Gnash.Hyena Registered Member

    Feb 9, 2017
    Hillsborough, NC
  2. SigP229R

    SigP229R Registered Member

    Aug 8, 2007
    High Point
    Pardon my language but, he's a jerk times two and I voted against him the first time and if he runs again I'll vote against him again.
  3. Evergreen

    Evergreen Registered Member

    May 20, 2017
    Fort Mill, SC
    Very sad.. Don't Californize/New Yorkize , North Carolina...

    North Carolina already violates the 2nd Amendment by requiring a permit to purchase a pistol.. But, of course, that is not good enough.. Now a permit will be required to purchase any semi auto gun (what they refer to as Assault Weapons). Since the 2nd Amendment which was suppose to be a right is no longer enforced. Why not start requiring permits if you are certain kind of religion or ethnicity? What stops governments from doing this if they can take away your 2nd Amendment rights?

    All I have to say is the entire West Coast is burning in flames thanks to the liberal Californians moving everywhere there and shoving their politics down peoples throats. My home state of Oregon was ruined by liberal Californians who were so angry at Oregonians for how "backwards" they were. THey had to come to Oregon and fix everything. Now the place is a drug infested, socialist craphole and nobody can make a living except the homeless guys who get everything spoon fed to them in exchange for their "votes". Not all Californians are liberal, but the liberals in California seem to also hate their state too, but not their failed ideologies that caused them to flee.

    I was confused by the number of East Coast people I met when I lived in Charlotte who would throw fits about how horrible the government is in North Carolina and how bad it was that there was so many conservatives. Of course, I would always want to ask, since New YOrk has the "PERFECT" government why not just stay in New York and why do you need to fix North Carolina? Why not leave North Carolina alone so it doesn't become another New York?

    The conservative people I meet from California/New York are literally living like prisoners in their state. I know I couldn't take living in Seattle anymore as people would even threaten my life if they found out I wasn't liberal like them. Liberal tolerance these days is about on par with the Ultra-Leftist National Socialist party of Europe that rose to power in the 1930s.
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  4. Tuna

    Tuna Registered Member

    Dec 16, 2007
    New Bern
    It's not just out on the left coast but in the east too. Those that have spread out from Massachusetts into the rest of the New England states. In New Hampshire they call them flatlander and wish they would leave. But slowly each state in the Northeast has been polluted with liberal I want and this is how it will be and the rest of their bull. That is one of the main reasons I left the Northeast. The liberal agenda is moving on and we had better stop it at the poles.
  5. garandium

    garandium Registered Member

    Sep 9, 2008
    United Staed
    Liberal and progressives care nothing for the law.
    They care nothing about letters
    They care nothing when you speak out at meetings
    They care nothing about phone calls

    Pretty much all they care about is their own skin.
    Virginia is going to be a new model because those gun owners up there are highly torqued
    and they same group that ram rodded gun control they is active here

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