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********** ASKING PRICE $650 **********
(or best offer)

I'm selling a custom lever action .44mag Rossi Ranch Hand "HOG LAIG" pistol, serial #HL001. Asking price $650 (reduced from $750). Holds 5+1 rounds of .44mag ammo. I purchased this hand cannon from gunsmith Bruce Wood (President OFSI - AKA: ConstitutionCowboy). Mr. Wood completely overhauls the standard Rossi Ranch Hands and Henry Mare's Legs and turns them into these fine tuned, fully customized bad boys. This is seriously 1 of the coolest pistols you will ever own! I was lucky enough to grab his very first "HOG LAIG" model with the #HL001 serial number!!! These guns are incredibly rare, as the Ranch Hands and Mare's Legs have been out of stock for a long time.

The barrel was cut down from 12 inches to 8 inches and the original wood furniture has been replaced with a custom walnut fore-end. The original butt-stock grip was replaced with a much more practical, custom curved pistol grip, which is also walnut. The original lever loop has been replaced with a custom loop to perfectly match the curve of the new pistol grip. The overall length of the pistol has been reduced from 24 inches to about 16 inches!!! The hammer was also filed down quite a bit to match the the shorter gun. The original front/rear sights have been removed and a gold bead front sight has been installed. There are no rear sights; however, the safety switch (on top of the pistol near the hammer) doubles as the rear sight. Simply line up the safety switch with the front sight and aim down the barrel for quick target acquisition. Similar to a bead dot shotgun. Lastly, the internals have been polished to make this firearm operate as smooth as a whistle!!!

Last I saw, the cheapest custom Rossi models (like the .22lr) by Mr. Wood are selling for approximately $900 and the bigger calibers (357, 45lc, 44mag, etc) are selling for around $1200-$1300. The Henry models are going for closer to $1800!!! But they are all few and far between. I spent some time searching for some online, but I couldn't find a single Hog Laig or Peg Laig for sale! So I contacted Mr. Wood to make sure he was still customizing guns. I'm happy to say he is, but it is upon request. Also, its become very difficult to even find the standard Ranch Hands and Mare's Legs for sale. They are out of stock everywhere and I don't even know if Rossi/Henry is still making them or not. Anyway, I hate to sell this firearm and I know I will regret it, but I'm strapped for cash.... I've only fired approximately 50-100 rounds through it and have kept it in very good condition. Again, this is the original #HL001 serial number!!! If you're interested or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. NO TRADES!!!

********** ASKING PRICE $650 **********
(or best offer)


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