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$900 (from $1200)

I'm selling a brand new 7-shot Ruger GP100 (4.2" stainless) .357 mag revolver that has been fully customized by Wild West Guns in Las Vegas. I purchased this revolver brand new and immediately shipped it to WWG to have their professional gunsmiths work it over. They ported the barrel, performed a trigger job, replaced the factory springs, chamfered the cylinder, and tuned/polished/smoothed all the rough edges and internals. I replaced the factory fiber optic sights with "Big Dot Sights" from XS Sight Systems and swapped out the factory rubber/red wood grips with custom Altamont Company wood/rubber gray checkered grips. The original box, sights, and grips are included.

Included is a brand new "The 120" holster, a "Double Speed Loader Pouch" and the "Most Versatile Ammo Pouch" all leather and custom made by Rob Leary over at Simply Rugged Holsters. Also included is the "L7 Range Block Kit" from 5 Star Firearms, which comes with x2 of their high quality speed loaders. Finally, I'm tossing in x24 blue polymer/nickel 125gr "snap caps," x2 Tuff Quickstrips, and a brand new size "L" WWG t-shirt.

Other than the shots fired at the Ruger factory and by WWG during the gunsmithing process, this revolver has never been fired, used, and/or carried. It is brand new for all intents and purposes. The same is true for all of the accessories. I've invested nearly $1600 into this firearm; however, I'm only asking for $900 (reduced from original asking price of $1200). Again, this gun is brand new. If you're looking for a truly customized revolver setup without all of the headache and wait time, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal than this. Feel free to PM me with any questions/concerns and I'll happily send more photos if requested.


Ruger GP100 ($650)
WWG Gunsmithing ($450 - valued at $650)
XS Sight Systems "Big Dot Sights" ($110)
Altamont Company Grips ($45)
Simply Rugged "The 120" Holster ($90)
Simply Rugged "Double Speed Loader Pouch" ($60)
Simply Rugged "Most Versatile Ammo Pouch" ($30)
5 Star Firearms "L7 Range Block Kit" ($70)
x24 Polymer/Nickel 125gr "Snap Caps" ($35)
x2 Tuff Quickstrips ($15)
WWG "Large" T-Shirt (free)

$900 (from $1200)

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