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Guys and Gal's,

I run alot of steel in my classes and matches. I have ordered from many of the big name company's in the past. Two days ago I ordered 2 20x"x20" AR500 1/2 plates for the upcoming class on 18-19 Feb. Tarheel Targets provided me with a higher level of quality on the plates then what I have had in the past.

The cost was about 1/3ed of the internet ordered steel, and no shipping cost due to them being local. Moving forward Tarheel Targets will be my go to company for providing what I need at what I think is below market rates.

this price point is their normal pricing!!! so if you need quality Ar500 steel, that will last a long, long time give them a look.

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I plan on doing some business with Tarheel Targets! ...need some portable 5.56 rated AR steel targets I can throw in the truck.
Thank you for the business, John...and the kind comments. I really appreciate all the support, and I am glad to have met you!!

Warsport, I can get you some 1/2" round or square gongs from 6" to 24". I also have hanging racks and collapsible racks that will easily fit in a truck tool box....

Thank you again, John!!
Talk to you soon!!

[email protected]
I bought a gong from Allen a while back and its my favorite target to shoot. He makes it easy to buy and ship even though we are on different sides of the state.
Just bought a few gongs and stands from Allen at Tarheel Targets. They turned out great and I am very pleased! Great communication from Allen and he had the order ready quickly! I would highly recommend them, especially vs ordering online from somewhere else in the country. Support this local business...the quality of workmanship, cost and customer service would be hard to top!

Thanks again Allen!

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