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When I first got my AR from the former KGB Armory owned by Darren Neil Krimminger. The rifle I ordered was Duracoated red with a candy finish which was a mixture that was created by KGB. When I received the gun it was still slightly tacky and smelled like it was not cured. Being new to the firearms world and trusting the man that built it I let it sit for a few days before taking it to the range. I went to the range to try it out and was excited after shooting the first round that I was gonna love this AR. I fired the second round and when the third round tried to load it jammed. I cleared the jam and tried again with the same results. My buddy tried to see if he could get it to work and noticed that the safety was much harder to operate then it should be. He had the same result when he fired the gun only this time he only got one round to fire before it jammed.

I thought that maybe the issue was a lack of lubrication so I added some oil to the bolt. The added oil did not help any. In fact it caused the duracoat to start to come off. The bolt and anything the oil touched turned red. My buddy took a look and suggested that we open the gun to see what was going on but we could not get the pins to move at all. When the range master looked the gun over he said it was a durakote issue not a mechanical issue. He suggested spraying the gun down with some Gun Blaster and the finish would melt off.

I contacted KGB Armory to let Neil know what was going on with my gun and he promised he would fix it and make sure it was working properly. He said that he discovered that he ad a bad batch of hardener and that was why I had the problems I was having. He claimed he would send me a box so I could send him the gun back. Allegedly the box was lost in the mail and damaged. Before he could send out a new box he was hospitalized and soon after that filed bankruptcy.

There are many people that are out hundreds of dollars. I was in touch with Neil after the notice of bankruptcy and he assured me that he would refinish my rifle anyway. That soon turned into stall tactics and then a total loss of communication. I began stripping the finish off the rifle on my own and was going to try and do a diy duracoat job on it myself. Fortunately when I was about halfway done with the stripping process I stopped by D&R Gunsmithing and spoke to Rich. I told him my story and said he would be glad to help me get my gun back in working order and finished properly.

I decided to change the color of the rifle because it was despised on the web for being red. When Rich called me to let me know my gun was ready to be picked up I was totally amazed at the way it came out. The finish looked great (Burnt Bronze Cerakote), it did not smell wet like the first time, the safety and the pins worked properly. It was like a whole new gun.

The quality of work I received from Rich and his team was outstanding! Their level of service greatly surpasses what you receive at the other local gun shop. When you walk into D&R you are treated like a customer and not as a dollar sign. If you are in the Goose Creek area and need anything firearms related stop by D&R and see Rich and his team.
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