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Discussion in 'Negative Feedback *ONLY*' started by jnaw, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Apr 28, 2013
    Holly Springs, NC
    Told him if the local buyer did not call back it was his. Then told him the buyer did not call back and he made plans to meet me tomorrow at Cabelas. He left his cell so I text him to find out a time and he texts back he is in an armory class and gets discount on Sigs so he doesn't want it. He gets a better deal because of the discount I get it but he's largely unapologetic and it was only after I contacted him 8hrs after his last forum message did he finally tell me he didn't want it. And he called me an Ahole for pointing this all out to him Screenshot_2017-02-09-19-26-14.png Screenshot_2017-02-09-19-28-45.png Screenshot_2017-02-09-19-28-55.png

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