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Defensive Pistol 1 @ Triangle Shooting Academy

Discussion in 'Training Reviews/ AARs' started by jta272, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. jta272

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    Dec 8, 2016
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    This will be a brief review, as it was the first civilian-led shooting course I've attended.

    I've been shooting since I was a kid, and have significant rifle and LMG experience with live-fire maneuvers, shoot-houses, and point shooting. I've never had formal training on pistol shooting, although I understand the basics.

    My hippie wife loves me enough she bought me a $125 certificate to take 1 class at Triangle for Christmas. Love conquers everything, right?

    The course started promptly at 10:30am, and our instructors had us introduce ourselves by giving our name, what shooting experience we have, and what pistol we'd be shooting with and why we chose it. The instructors then introduced themselves.

    At least 2 of the instructors were very credentialed, the lead instructor was a former Memphis SWAT officer and trainer, and one of the other instructors was a career GS employee who taught pistol shooting at various 3-letter agencies. The rest had either some military background or lots of classes/NRA certs.

    The course spent 1 hr in the classroom, going over some basic rules and safety, a "defense shield" propaganda brief... I mean ad, and then a very quick run through of loading, unloading, presenting, and malfunction clearing dry fire activities. I think the class could've used more of the dry fire practice, and at a slower and more methodical pace, to get folks in the muscle memory of what we'd live fire later on.

    We were on the range and hot NLT noon, and the rest of the day until 1:45 was shooting. We started with a wonderful exercise of untimed, aimed 3 shots at each 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, and 25 yards. I thought this both built confidence in the weapon, and was a great intro to get ready for faster and point shooting. The rest of the time was running through various point shooting exercises. Some aimed fire, but mostly point shooting either to a number (2 rounds, 1 round then reload then 1 round, 2 rounds) or a time (2 sec how many can you get in center mass).

    The instructors were helpful throughout, and would regularly make corrections or help everyone regardless of skill. I was shooting in top 1/3rd but still got regular instruction on improving my grip, posture, muscle movements, etc. I found it extremely helpful and was definitely shooting better about halfway through with these instructions.

    This was not a life changing course, but I'm glad it was my first foray into shooting classes, and I'm happy to return to Triangle for more. I would like to explore more in depth classes like the 3-4 day Gunsite, etc. where I think I'd have a better time building real, deep muscle memory. But for a quick morning or afternoon, this is a great option.
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    Thanks for the review, I've been looking at Triangle and was on the fence about their classes. I shoot there often and the staff has always been great, might check em out one day.

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