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After reading about the "Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015" bills in the Senate (S551) and Congress (HR1076) I decided that I must take some steps about gun control. So I extended my membership with the NRA and gave a small donation. Next I'll try writing my congress-critters to tell them to oppose these bills. We'll see where to go after that.

These bills give a non-elected bureaucrat, the US attorney general, the authority to deprive you of your Second, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights without any judicial process. If the AG says you might support terrorism, or might use a gun for terrorism, your name goes on an secret list. You are not notified that you are on the list and the information the AG used to make their decision is also secret. You become a "prohibited person" which means that if you already own a gun you could be charged with a felony.

After you are placed on the list you have 60 days to take it to court and fight the Federal govt to try to get your rights back. Of course this assumes that you even know you're on the list.

Please contact your representatives and tell them to end this nonsense.

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If you have not read "Death by Gun Control" by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens. I recommend it. Read chapter 9 particularly...... page 80 for example "the law prohibited possession of firearms of adolescents, incapacitated persons, gypsies and persons traveling around like gypsies as well as persons who are considered unreliable because of criminal convictions." Kuenzer added: "This will certainly be welcomed by the general public."

On March 23rd 1933, the Reichstag act passed 441 to 94, which gave a government board of bureaucrats the ability to bypass the constitution. One of the fabulous ideas was to ban all "military arms" with exception to a handgun for protection of family and farm.

Hey what was that ruling about we can keep a handgun, but no one wants us to have a "military style rifle"? Funny how all those rules seem so "common sense". Surely us ignorant peasants wouldn't need something like that nasty black rifle. Keep in mind these people that were voted into office and later joined the SS, SA, or the Nazi Revolution were not much different from your neighbors or mine. They were convinced by a bureaucrat that they would be safer if these "common sense" measures were taken. The people will once again be duped. Just wait and see.
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