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I'm looking to sell my Double-Alpha Academy "Race Master Holster" (black), which fits Smith & Wesson N-Frame revolvers and/or similar sized revolvers. I specifically purchased this holster for my S&W Model 625 Performance Center .45acp revolver (which is also for sale), but it can easily fit other N-Frame revolvers. If you do not have an N-Frame style revolver, you can actually purchase a different insert for the holster. Purchasing my holster, along with ordering a new insert, would still be a lot cheaper than buying the holster brand new online. I'm also trying to sell a "Moon Clip Server" which is made by the Moon Clip Server company. Finally, I'm trying to sell x2 North Mountain IDPA Moon Clip Holders. If you are interested in the S&W 625 revolver, send me a PM and I will show you the listing.

My plan was to get involved with competition revolver shooting; however, that never happened. Hence why I'm selling the revolver and gear. Other than using dummy rounds to practice with at home, these items have never actually been used out at the range and are practically brand new. I am happy to say they all functioned perfectly during practice. I'm offering these items at half the price they would be if you bought them brand new. I'm willing to sell the items individually or altogether. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN TRADING!!!


1) Double-Alpha Academy "Race Master Holster" - SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
(retail = $200)

2) The Moon Clip Server - $70 - SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
(retail = $140)

3) x2 North Mountain IDPA Moon Clip Holders - $35 - SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
(retail = $70 or $35 each)


1) Double-Alpha Academy "Race Master Holster" - Since its introduction in 2010, the Race Master Holster has established itself as one of the leading holsters on the competition circuit. It is the choice of many of the current champions in our sport, who choose it over other holsters for its unique features and outstanding performance. The Race Master holster's hanger and body are made completely from machined aluminum, providing a solid and rigid platform, which locks up securely in the chosen position and keeps your pistol secure and stable. The vertical rod and ball joint create an endless range of adjustment possibilities, allowing each shooter to set the holster to best suite his body type, draw style and preference. With the Race Master holster you don't need to adjust your draw to the holster, it adjusts to you!
Unlike other holsters, the Race Master is designed to give you access to almost all the adjustment screws while you are wearing it on your belt. Without removing your belt, you can adjust the height of the gun and the distance from your body, and even unlock the ball-socket hinge and adjust any angle of the holster. This is a huge advantage in setting up your holster just right.

2) The Moon Clip Server - The Moon Clip Server is a handy, quick loading gun belt accessory, that makes reloading your moon clip revolver a quick and easy process! Reloading during competition revolver shoots or speed steel shooting can be clumsy and time wasting, and this device saves you time and effort when reloading. The Moon Clip Server puts your revolver moon clips right where you need them, where you can grab them quickly and load your gun in seconds. Shaves precious seconds off your shooting and reloading time in timed competition revolver matches. Great for competition shooters and speed revolver shooting matches.
Reach for all moon clips at the same location. No more reaching for any empty moon clip holder or pulling a second moon clip up off a long post. Reversible for left or right hand draw. Holds six moon clips, plenty for any USPSA or ICORE competition. Accepts all moon clips without changing anything. 8 shot .38, 7 shot .38, 6 shot .38, K, L, and N frames, .38 super 8 shot and 6 shot, .45acp, .40 caliber in 646, 10 mm N frame, and many other custom moon clip guns. No changes to accept any of above listed moon clips just load and make ready.

3) x2 North Mountain IDPA Moon Clip Holders - The North Mountain Moon Clip Holder is made with the competitive revolver shooter in mind. It is both light weight and durable, giving you a stable platform to hold 2 loaded moon clips. It is securely fastened to your belt using standard Tek-Loks™ to seamlessly integrate with your current set up. The moon clips are held in place by the tension of the angled Kydex body which both firmly secures the moon clips in place to prevent them from being dislodged during movement while at the same time allowing you to smoothly remove the loaded moon clip from the holder during reloads.

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