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A friend and I headed out to Drake Landing this morning to shoot and to meet up with tsconver to check out his Ti-Rant 45 suppressor.


The weather was perfect. We were at the pistol range with paper and steel targets. I loved the steel targets; great feedback; they were about 25 yards out. [/B]We got there ~9 and had the pistol pit to ourselves pretty much until 12. No wait.

tsconver arrived shortly after we did, and man did he bring some great toys.

His Ti-Rant 45 mated to a Glock 17; a suppressed 22 Buckmark (the giggle gun), and finally a suppressed AR with was the cats ass.

I was primarily there to test drive the Ti-Rant 45 for my Glock 21, but the play time definitely got me thinking about future piston purchases for my future Ti-Rant!

Between me, my friend, and Shawn, I know we all shot something new today. Even the range officer hung around and shot with us; very friendly.

All in all a blast!

I am now looking for my own giggle gun for a 22 can; likely a Buckmark :>)

Shooting Report

SA Ultra Compact
Currently the new favorite gun; tested my standard SD loads and Blazer Brass range ammo; no drama; felt great; I get more and more comfortable with the recoil every time I shoot it, that or it's getting more and more like butter :>)

SA TRP Operator
knocked all plates down first try; I love this gun; easy shooting, accurate, reliable; did not shoot it much today; needed more practice with the other guns

Kahr PM9
first time shooting this new to me gun; barely broken in; had some difficulty finding my targets until I realized I was aiming low, then the hits started coming more frequently; this was at 25y, so I was happy with the performance; I did not like the factory extended mag, but instead I used the standard 6 rnd mag with the pearce grip extension

Glock 26
I don't practice much with this gun, but right off the bat I was 6 for 6 on the plates; felt good; both SD and range loads

Glock 21
first time shooting this former duty weapon I purchased recently; new threaded barrel, but stock otherwise; shot my standard SD and range stuff, and I was pleasantly surprised by the recoil; I was expecting more of a handful since it it lighter than my 1911s; very smooth though and accurate

Redone 10-22
I rebuilt this gun earlier this year, and I still needed to get it sighted in; the standard rifle range was packed, so figured I'd give it a go at the 100/200 yard range; no dice; neither me or my friend brought a sighting scope or binoculars, so that got old quickly; at this point, we were running of out time so we called it quits

Great place, laid back, nice people.


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I had fun always like to shoot. Fighting a pinched nerve in mg neck so i think gemini26 shot more than i did. The squeeze cock pistol your friend had and i think my wife now wants one of those ultracompact 1911s.

Always willing to meet folks and play with cans. The 22 is definitely a giggle gun suppressed.

Everybody remember their is an open shoot at dprc this coming saturday and there will be a full auto kris to shot a couple of can to be given away and a corner shot to shoot and proceeds go to friends of nra. Boyette has a thread about it so check it out and come out.

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