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Finally a solution to the violence in Afghanistan

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In multiple cities Afghans celebrated their new gun-free state by using old rifles to club several people to death.
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - Following the latest green-on-blue attacks, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has formally announced today that the entire nation of Afghanistan had been declared a gun-free zone.

"After over thirty years of senseless violence, I think it's time we say no to big guns and the firearms industry that promotes them," a tearful and visibly-tired Karzai told a crowd of Afghan legislators at the presidential palace in Kabul.

Under the new government-approved policy, no one will be allowed to carry any type of firearm or ranged weapon in Afghanistan. Swords and knives are still permissible, as long as the owner possesses a Class-III license available at most government offices.

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Its from Duffel Blog, pretty much just a website committed to mocking liberal ideas and gives military guys a good laught at dumb things the military does ^^
I only asked because some have quoted the duffel blog as fact before. I give them the same credibility as the onion. I was just curious how this was being presented.
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