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I inherited this. Thought I'd do something with it one day, but am starting the process of building a house and am thinning out the shop stuff to make the big move easier.

This is a little mill that can be configured as a lathe. Don't know much about it other than that. Comes with everything shown in the pics and noting else. No drive belts - they were really old and pretty much fell apart when handled.

Plugs in and runs fine. Set up as a mill, but can be reconfigured as a lathe. See pic I found on the internet of the lathe configuration.

These things sell for anywhere from $500 to $1000 on eBay. Rather trade face to face than list it for sale and have to pack/ship it. I suspect anyone interested will know what to do with this, and its value. My dad used it for metals, but I couldn't tell you anything about what metals or what attachments might be available.

With the new house on the horizon, I can't justify buying another gun, but a tool like this might make a heck of a trade for someone.

I'm in to S&W N-frames (I know that's a stretch), Single-action revolvers (really like one in .38/.357 to go with my Rossi M92), 1911s, etc. Make me an offer - worst I can do is politely refuse.

Everything moves and turns fine. Motor runs fine. Just needs belts.


I'm in East Buncombe (Black Mountain area). Will drive to Asheville, Marion, Rutherfordton or around that distance.

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