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Force on Force Training

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Point Blank Range and ForceTEC are joining forces in a collaborative effort to bring you the most realistic training yet! Home Defensive Engagements is a four hour program utilizing an off-site 12,000 sq.ft. facility. Students will engage each other in a variety of force-on-force scenarios which they may encounter as private citizens in their home or out in public and learn necessary skills to protect their family and survive the fight. UTM-Man Marker rounds are used in converted Glock pistols which are rendered incapable of firing live bullets, and it adds a degree of realism and stress through the belief of consequence. Students will be allowed to use their own holsters and lights in order to test the efficiency of certain items, but NO LIVE AMMUNITION OR FUNCTIONING FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.

There are two time slots for this class on January 20th for 9am-1pm and then 2pm-6pm.
Click the link below and then choose your time slot to register.
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New dates for this class on the link above!
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