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Man...the last few weeks have been SLAMMED at the shop. Been busy, and short handed....even had several regulars offer to pay extra for expedited service!
Today the busy-ness seemed to double, stressful, irritating...ect. Ordinarily I thrive on stress, but it got the best of me today...couldn't wait for the day to be done!

So while trying to leave this evening (difficult with traffic on any given day) the light just after my left turn from the shop was red, and one car approaching slowly.
There was another car behind it, but I could pull out if this yahoo would just hurry pull out! The second car lays down on the horn excessively, and I'm already out and stopped for the light.
Second car idiot is still on the horn and I've had enough!
Ordinarily this kinda stuff doesn't bother me, but today it hit a nerve, and my common sense took an exit.
I reach for the seat belt with one hand and the door handle with the other...glance in my mirror one last time before I jump out of the truck......


So I shut the door, and call her to let her know that today was NOT the day to do that!
I could hear the other young ladies in the car laughing in the background.
My daughter lives 45 miles from here...what were the odds!
Still felt like yanking her out of the car and spanking her! :)

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.......miss me that much huh Larry....LOL

Hope it gets better bud. I'm having a bad evening too!

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