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Free but you must come on and get it in Lowgap, Surry County NC. Trying to clean up a bit and pay it forward but won't let it sit around. If you want it come on and pick it up.

Top handle 35. Saw runs but not great. Has good compression and carb kit was installed a while back but needs some tuning. The brake handle was replaced with this home made one when I got it back when. Tired of it being in my way.

Air tank holds air, gauge is fubar.

Turkey fryer pot, no lid.

Home made 2M ground plane antenna, works great, has a few feet of RG8 with PL259.

Text 919-901-9992

Saw Tool Asphalt Wood Saw chain
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Automotive exterior Bumper
Automotive tire Water Birch sap Road surface Gas
Wood Insect Hardwood Wood stain Rope
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