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Thank you for the opportunity of being a vendor on this site. It is an honor to sponsor this great community of like minded individuals.

My name is Joshua Rollins. I am a Concord N.C. native and the sole owner/operator of Ludus Magnus Holsters. I make quality, custom, kydex holsters and gear at a fair price and with a great turnaround time. I started making kydex holsters about three years ago right before I left the military after 8 years and three deployments as an Infantryman. I started making gear for myself and a few friends but since then my business has went in a direction that I could never have imagined.

My "full time" job is as an LEO in large city in NC. Though I am a one man shop and only make gear part time, my customers include members of the DOJ, U.S. Border Patrol, Austin PD firearms training staff, professional firearms instructors, executive protection specialists and instructors, The University of Florida's shooting team, 3rd and 5th SF groups, cadre of the Ft.Bragg based SWC, as well as other military, law enforcement and concerned citizens across the United States.

I do not have a website per say but I do have a facebook page (Ludus Magnus). There you will find pictures of my gear as well as comments from my customers. Additionally, I can be contacted via message on the Ludus Magnus FB page.

Secondly, I am a training junky and have had the opportunity to attend a great deal of training from many different schools, and instructors over the years on both the military and civilian sides. So with making gear, I also host/ coordinate training courses and instructors. I do this by setting up and advertising classes for training companies in N.C. or for those that wish to conduct courses in N.C. Additionally, I set up training courses for individuals or groups that desire training.

My vision is for all of us good guys to be as well equipped and highly trained as possible; so that we may all face the threats of tomorrow. "Against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Keep checking back in my section for gear specials and training opportunities near you.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 704-467-3215
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