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Guidelines for use of the Carolina Shooters Club Forum

Discussion in 'Welcome New Members! Please Come in and Introduce' started by soreshoulder, Jun 18, 2012.

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    We don't really like the term "rules" but here are some general guidelines for use of the forum. Please ask a staff member if you have any questions:

    1. Be Respectful. Our vision of Carolina Shooters Club is one of camaraderie and welcoming of both new and veteran gun enthusiasts. We welcome new members to the club regardless of their shooting and weaponry experience or class. Please be respectful and helpful in your own areas of expertise and do not disrespect members for their lack of knowledge, experience, or capabilities both intellectually or financially.

    2. Language. Cussing and foul language should be kept to a minimum. We lean to being less rule oriented here and adapt the “We are adults, act like adults” mentality, but please recognize that we also wish to run a family and sponsor friendly board outside of the private request sections.

    We have a "minefield" section for heated debates, political discussions, etc. This area has looser guidelines on post content and tone. You can request access to this private subforum here:

    3. No harassing, hateful, or racist posts of any kind. Harassing, hateful, or racist posts via the forums or private message are not allowed and these types of comments or posts will result in the offender being banned from Carolina Shooters Club. This is a zero tolerance policy.

    4. No Pornography.

    5. No SPAM. Spam will not be tolerated. This includes attempting to recruit membership to similiar themed message boards by PMing members.

    No Private Message Spamming from paid or non paid members. If you have something to sell, post it in the classifieds and do not spam multiple areas of the forum or people through Private Message (PM).

    Commercial and Buy, Sell, or Trade (BST) posts should be made in their respective areas in the Classified or Sponsor section only. Commercial posts are allowed only by paid Sponsors and Vendors.

    If you are a business and wish to sell product, please contact us with questions regarding Sponsorship or Advertising options. Our advertising information is available here:

    Please note that these Guidelines apply to the Chatbox as well
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