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GUN BLOGGERS! Come Review the new Glock 43!

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Point Blank Range has the Glock 43 in our Range Rental Program. It's certainly a neat gun and is making some waves in the Concealed Carry/EDC market.
So come on in to Point Blank and give it a shot and see for yourself. And if you can - Give me some feedback on this pistol.

Oh, one more thing. If you are a Gun Blogger/Pod casters/Video Blogger in the Carolinas or near the Carolinas or anywhere and just happen to be in the area - I've got a special offer for you. You can come in and review the gun for free. Range Pass/Gun Rental fees are waved if you have a legit Gun Blog or Gun Channel. This is on a Pre-Approval bases, so Message Me First!

Also - For you Gun Bloggers/Video Bloggers (That's most of this forum, right? You guys Blogging and V-Casting?) I want to plan a special event for you guys. Food and Shooting and all that. I'm thinking Sunday, May 17th. During the Point Blank Range - South Charlotte Grand Opening Week. And for some of you guys that come to that event - I'll have a special gift for you.
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