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Discussion in 'SC Meet Ups, Events, and Gun Shows' started by jeff grigg, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. jeff grigg

    jeff grigg Registered Member

    May 1, 2015
    Columbia South carolina
    I don't know about you guys! But the gun show this weekend at SC state fairgrounds Sucked!
    I saw same dealers, with the same old stuff. One guy , I have seen him at the every show since I've been going here in Columbia. I think the ammo he has to be at least 20 years old!
    Now I don't know for sure if unopened powder goes bad or not, But 2 guys had bullseye powder from 25 years ago ,in the old cardboard canister. everyone but 2 also had a rusted top.
    They did have a few powders that were recent.
    The only deal, if you use them was at the Georgia Arms table, and their ammo, which is always a good deal
    Now I've gotten use to seeing jewelry, But now if this don't take the cake, cannabis oil sales!
    Back when I started going to gun shows ,in the eighties. you didn't see any jewelry and you wouldn't see cannabis oil!
    Just my 2 cents worth, For me as a reloader, you don't find the deal at the gun shows like you use to
    at least for me. I can do very well going to my local gun shop or on line !
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  2. marbell

    marbell Registered Member

    May 20, 2012
    Erwin NC 28339
    Gun show 8/31 9/1 in Dunn NC

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  3. kudukid

    kudukid Registered Member

    Mar 29, 2017
    Charleston County
    I stopped going to the Ladson show (Fairgrounds) decades ago for the same reason except for the cannabis oil!
  4. kstephens

    kstephens Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2020
    Spartanburg, SC
    I've done better in the parking lot than the inside.

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