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Handgun Retention - 26 Feb 2012, Albemarle, NC

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Handgun Retention - Albemarle, NC

Handgun Retention

The Handgun Retention course focuses on providing students with the tools needed to defeat an attacker's attempt to gain control of the student's handgun during a lethal force encounter. Methods of retaining the handgun while drawn and holstered will be covered during the course. Material covered will be striking and grappling based.

A block of instruction on close range shooting techniques will also be taught.

This is a physically demanding course. Potential students should be aware that they will be striking pads, performing standing and ground-based grappling techniques, and other physical tasks. If you are unsure if you are in condition to take this course, please contact us prior to enrolling.

The course will take place outside and ground-based techniques will be taught and practiced on the range.

The material being taught has been successfully used by military, law enforcement and concerned citizens during lethal force encounters. Tactics focus on the use of proper body mechanics and mindset instead of pure strength in order to insure the greatest number of citizens can use the material during an actual hostile encounter.

Class Date: 26 February 2012

Location: Albemarle, NC

Cost: $175

Equipment Requirements:

Functional handgun (revolver or semi auto)
Plastic replica handgun that fits your holster (optional)
2 magazines/speed loaders (minimum)
200 rounds of ammunition
Sturdy holster (good idea to bring second holster in case primary holster breaks)
Sturdy belt
Mouthpiece (optional)
Groin Guard (optional)
Knee and elbow pads (optional)
Spare clothing

If you are interested in enrolling in this course please visit our website and sign up via our online enrollment process.

If you have any questions about the course feel free to email me. [email protected]
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