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Hello Everyone!

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I have been a lurker on CSF for quite a while. I even posted under my spouse's account a few times.

I am an active member of the Wake County Ladies Handgun League and recently earned my NRA Pistol Instructor certification.

The shooting sports have been great for me. I have learned a lot from folks here and look forward to learning more.

See ya' on the big board.;)
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Welcome to the board
Welcome aboard. Glad you posted.

Congrats on the cert! Tigard has already spoken your praises ;)
Welcome Miss Lily,

Enjoy the forum and please know that I admire your effort to reach the level of certification that can benefit others who share similar interests with you. We trust that this forum can be a valuable resource and also provide some visibility to some really great sponsors who can provide quality products to those who visit here. There is a treasure trove of information here from some very knowledgeable members, some of who are sponsors that are always willing to help.

Please invite your friends and feel free to contribute to the boards with information that can be used to encourage others that have interests in shooting sports or personal protection.

We're here to assist that effort.
Welcome Lily, impressed I am with your certification ! We need more ladies amongst the ranks to keep us heathens straight, lol. Enjoy CSC.
welcome to CSC

Welcome! Grats on the cert! Please continue to pass the knowledge on!
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