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I started shooting my dad's Winchester 77 back when I was in middle school ... targets and squirrels on a ranch in central Texas. Also hunted rabbits off the front of a CJ7 in the middle of the night with a 410. Fast forward to post-college and I inherited that 77 and took it to local ranges with a friend who had many more guns to shoot. Then I moved, started a business, remodeled a house and made a family ... shooting not on the mind for quite a while.

Today I have 3 sons - two of them in high school and I am always looking for things to do with them that peak their interest. They've been active in scouting and we have an annual shooting outing at Camp Durant that we really enjoy - both rifle and shotgun. We're running out of instructors, so earlier this year I (and two friends) finished our NRA instructor training in rifle and shotgun. My boys wanted to shoot a pistol - bought a Victory and we've been having a lot of fun with that. Ready to move up to bigger things ... an AR and a shotgun or two, for sure, and I have a list of other things to fill up the locker.

Also recently found myself getting more serious about getting a better understanding of 2A issues (both sides) and I am taking the concealed-carry class at the end of the month - mostly for the educational and purchasing benefits. I have no reason to carry and perhaps not the confidence, but when you need it, you can't wait for weeks of training, I'd guess. So better to be prepared. :)

Looking for a place to shoot SCSA, too - looks like a ton of fun that can't be had in a 10-lane indoor range! So far, no luck getting responses, though.
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