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I changed out a oil furnace to a heat pump this fall. Every thing was working fine except that I needed the flue pipe replaced and with what I was quoted to fix it right and per code was more than I wanted to spend on an existing heating system.

I have a 250 gallon above ground tank on a stand that is full of fuel oil that needs to go.

I'll sell the fuel oil for $2.50 per gallon. I called a local oil company and was quoted a price of $3.67 per gallon.

I am asking $200 for the tank once the tank is empty.

For the furnace, I am asking $200. The furnace is about 15 years old and fan motor and oil burner is still in good shape.

I have no way of delivering the oil if you decide to purchase. I could possibly deliver the tank and stand and furnace if the driving distance is reasonable.

Cash is "king" but I could be persuaded to other forms of payment, this is a gun board you know.

I am located in Forest City, NC. (Rutherford Co.) Please contact me via cell phone at 828-289-7930. Do not send PM's as I do not have regular internet service and I only log onto this site about once every two weeks.
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