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I never was a leader. Oh well here I am

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Glad to be here

Hopefully I can learn alot from you guys/gals. ;dbarrel
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its not a contest, but we would love your feedback on what we could do better.
Welcome! I think the site is a work in progress, but I think it's a great start.
Welcome twofocused. I think you jest, and you love it here, lol. Enjoy.
I kid, I kid. Myself and another member were actually pondering how much work it would take to start another community because csf was pissing me off with the outages.

Then poof this one appears. I love the layout because its more in depth at breaking things down such as the bst section into long gun/handgun.

I look forward to learning alot from you guys as I did on csf. I do more reading than posting.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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