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Time to cull the herd a little, and start consolidating calibers....

I have an IAI (Israeli Arms Intenational) M1 Carbine rifle. It looks like a lot of other M1C's with the metal heat shield. No strap or oiler. This is NOT a WWII or Korean era collector. It is a somewhat modern reproduction, with MUCH tighter tolerances than the original GI rifles. I don't know much about IAI other than they are imported by a company in Texas, and made in Israel.

It is a DAMN fine shooter. It's more accurate than I am, for sure, and it isn't picky about magazines or ammo. It shoots the Wolf steel and the Aguila "30 Carabina" all day, no problem. I am the second owner so I don't have a pinpoint round count. The previous owner said he fired around 200 shots. I have shot 150 rounds through it and zero issues.

Since this is the last 30 Carbine I have, I am letting all my ammo go with it. I know I have at LEAST 200 rounds, but there is more than that in the ammo locker and the magazines. I have four 15 round mags, 3 magazine caps, and a GI double mag pouch to go with it.

I am not looking to profit on this so I am selling all of it for what I paid for the rifle alone.


I am interested in a partial trade for .223/5.56 reloading dies (prefer Lee), small rifle primers, powder, etc.

I don't have any pictures of the little guy, but can post some up if need be. I have excellent feedback on several forums, I am a sponsor of this one, and anyone who has bought from me knows that I do not peddle junk.

If you want to pick it up at my shop, I will gladly let you run a few rounds through it here on the Tarheel Targets' range (only 65 yards, but it does have a lot of steel on it!!).

Prefer FTF in or around Fayetteville area, may drive 30 minutes or so. I need to see a valid DL and we will BOTH sign a bill of sale. This is NOT a handgun, so I don't need to see any type of handgun permit.

PM or email me. Both go to the same phone.
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