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The first Sat of every month, PSR Shooting Club/ Range 37 hosts the "Infidel Gunfighter League" matches. This was my second match, and I wanted to do a quick writeup. First off, the match was awesome! My copilot bailed on me at the last minute because of weather, so I didn't get many good pics or videos. Of course, it didn't rain either, lol.

The day at PSR / Range 37 begins with sign in/ waivers, and safety brief at 12. We did a thorough walk through all the stages and reviewed the flow of the event. Most stages have targets layered with white targets over the cardboard targets. The white targets represent hostages, and hitting one of these adds 20 seconds to your time for each hit. The kill zone on the targets is pretty small, the only shots that count as "hits" are the width of the head on the target to the bottom of the torso. Any hits outside this area don't count.

They change the event every month, and this match had four stages:

Stage 1 was CQB (Close Quarters Battle) consisting of a timed draw/fire/ reholster (pistol) five times into a steel plate target, next phase six rounds rifle (two to the body of three targets, then transition to six rounds pistol into the same three targets), and the last phase was "how many times could you hit a steel plate with your pistol in 10 seconds"

Stage 2 was the tactical stage with four segments. You start this stage in the back seat of the Tahoe, shooting from the rear drivers' side window. There are four targets to engage here, then you safely exit the vehicle and climb the ladder on top of the storage trailer and engage four bowling pins evenly spaced at the backstop. Once those are down, you safely climb down the ladder and run for the barrels on the far left of the bay and engage four targets from cover. Once you finish there, you head for the middle of the field and engage the last four targets from behind cover there.

Stage III is shooting while moving. You walk the orange line and engage targets without stopping. This is very challenging, and to make things more interesting, I had a doublefeed on my AR during this stage and had to transition and finish with my 9mm. Lets just say my score wasn't real good in this stage, although I managed not to hit any hostages.

Stage IV is the shoot house. They change the configuration for every match, and it is a perfect example (to me anyway) why clearing a house is best left to the professionals. I have not had any professional training (yet) on room clearing with a rifle, but I lost a lot of points for exposing my rifle barrel to the room before shooting. Another note to self when using an optic, you have to aim higher than normal in close quarters, or you will put holes in the hostage targets.

These events are a great way to test your gear and your training. My personal setup was my PSA 16" AR-15 with an EOTech and my daily-carry Springfield xD9SC. I had a nylon police type belt with a dual mag holder for the pistol and two mag AR pouch followed by a GI single AR mag pouch at the back 'just in case.' It was my first match with my new Kydex hoster from Rick Holmes, and it did a great job of keeping the pistol in place while moving. The nylon "generic pistol holster" I used last month was not up to the task.

There were lots of LE and Active Duty Military there with their duty gear, and it was a really neat getting to see the different varieties of weapons and gear.

These are the few pics I managed to take, if you were there and have more, please post em!

Sky Cloud Plant Tree Land lot

Tactical Stage before the start. Notice the hostage/ bad guy targets

Tire Land vehicle Sky Car Vehicle

start in the Tahoe and then go to up the ladder and shoot the evil bowling pins

Sky Land lot Tree Grass Wood

shooting from concealment, if you expose more than 50% of your body, you get a 'procedural'

Sky Land lot Plant Tree Grass

walk the orange line while shooting targets/ missing hostages. If you stop you get a procedural. I got a lot of procedurals.

I didn't get any pics in the shoothouse, I thought I had done ok until taking out a hostage with two head shots and seeing my score-sheet.

Still, this was a HUGE amount of fun, it reinforced some things I did well, and really highlighted the weak areas. Time to schedule some more training!!


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Looks like a blast. Once I get a good red dot for my AR and become proficient enough with it, I'm going to make one.
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