Intro to long range rifle, 1,000yds. October 6th/7th | Carolina Shooters Club

Intro to long range rifle, 1,000yds. October 6th/7th

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    Taught by formerly trained US Army/FBI/SRT Sniper Team Chief Paul Smith and Competitive Long Range Precision Rifle Shooter Dale Campo. Our Introduction to Long Range Rifle course will prepare you for ringing steel out to 1,000 yards, going on a hunting trip of a lifetime or getting involved in competitive long range rifle matches.
    This two-day introductory course in long range shooting will focus on the fundamentals of long range marksmanship. The course goals include identifying and applying the skills required for long range shooting and an overview of the necessary equipment. Note, high dollar firearms and the newest optics are not necessary. A rental firearm will be available for an additional fee if you do not own a long range rifle.

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