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I screwed up badly this morning and dropped my tray of Kimbers before I could get them in the case. Long story short, if you've been looking for a Kimber, but they were too pricey, and you can live with some blemishes, here's your chance to own one cheap.

Kimber Eclipse Custom II 10MM - Damage to grip on one side, slight scratch on one side of slide, rough edge on the bottom of the slide on the other side. Undamaged price was $1219.95, now discounted over 25% to $900. Model 3200122

Kimber Stainless Gold Match II 9MM - Damage to grips on both sides, ding and dent on one side of the slide, slight scratch and ding on other side of slide. Undamaged price was $1429.95, now discounted over 30% to $975. Model 3200180

Kimber Pro Carry II 45 ACP - Black - Deep ding on trigger guard, couple of other minor scratches on the slide and frame. Night sights. Undamaged price was $1009.95, now discounted over 25% to $725. Model 3200070

Folks, thanks for interest. All of the dinged and dented guns are sold. Thanks, Brent
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