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I've got no problem with the foreskins. I hate listening to all the bandwagon Panther fans. If I'm a panthers fan I'm worried about how poorly the defense has played the last 6 quarters. Arizona is the best team in the NFL at this point.
I've been a Skins fan since around 1974. Some good years and some REALLY bad years. (Gibbs is still the man) I'm just glad Cousins is getting his chance and RG-oh-my-knee will soon be playing for someone else. Glad they won the east but I don't see them moving very far into the playoffs.

Agree about the bandwagon folks. My daughters have been fans since they came into the league and I've grown to like them but they will always be my 2nd team. I have neighbors displaying Panthers flags this season that couldn't name the coach and 2 starting players last season. And yes, their defense needs to tighten up. Most playoff games are close and defense still wins championships.

Arizona doesn't look too shabby, I just hope they have to play in Charlotte in a few weeks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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